Lesson Design for Argumentative Writing Course

#Instructional Design, #Teaching English Writing
#K-12 Education

In this project, I applied the backward design methodology and designed a 10-hour course in argumentative writing for Grade 11-12. The development of this course design are divided into five phases, namely, learners in context, Goals, Assessment, Instruction and Research& Evaluation.

The project draws on educational big ideas from Understanding by Design by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe, and The ABC of How we Learn written by Daniel L. Schwartz, Jessica M.Tsang and Kristen P. Blair.

In this project, every phase of educational design is justified by rigorous theoretical support, through many times of iteration, under supervision of Dr. Sharon Carver and Dr. Lauren Herckis in Carnegie Mellon University.

This is a final project for an indispensable, core course for the METALS program (Master of Educational Technology and Applied Learning Sciences) in Carnegie Mellon University. The course name is Educational Goals, Instruction and Assessment, and is taught by Dr. Sharon Carver and Dr. Lauren Herckis.


Here is a poster that I presented in Carnegie Mellon University on Dec. 11th 2018.


[View the poster here]

Final Report:


[View the detailed lesson design here]