Enlighten Dashboard

#Dashboard Design and Development, #Mining large datasets
#UX research and design

Enlighten Dashboard empowers educators to compare students' performance to their demographically similar peers, and to connect with like-context schools.

This will be released in the back-to-school semester in 2020 by Renaissance Learning Inc (RL), potentially reaching one-third of U.S. schools and have practical impact on real-world educational practice!


Learning Analytics for Data-driven Course Re-design

#Educational Data Mining, # Data Visualization
#Learning Analytics

In this educational data visualization project, we explored how different factor play a role in students' learning outcome, and visualized students' learning pathways in order to give educators evidence-based course-redesign suggestions.

Teacher-guided Crowdsourcing

#Expert-facilitated Crowdsourcing, #Teachersourcing
#Teacher customization,#Social Computing, #Computer-supported Cooperative Work

With the goal of increasing teachers’ satisfaction and sustaining the relevance of materials in intelligent tutoring system, without imposing too much time on the busy teachers, in this recent research, I studied how teachers might guide the crowd to perform improvement on existing instructional materials (on-demand hints) in a math intelligent tutoring system.

Educational Game for Early Literacy -Sprinkle

# Independent Game Development, # Natural Language Processing,
# Speech Recognition, # Python Programming

This is an educational game I developed, aiming at improving kids’ early literacy, with gamified activities including pronouncing words and sorting sentences.

Intelligent Tutoring System in STEM Area

#Intelligent Tutoring Systems Development, #STEM Education, #Front-end programming

Here are some intelligent tutoring systems that I built in STEM area, under the help of Dr. Aleven and Jonathan in Carnegie Mellon University.

Language Transfer of Mandarin on English Phonetics Learning

#Language Transfer, #Second Language Learning
#Phonetics and Phonology, #Techonology for K-12 Education

My bachelor’s thesis focus on language transfer, especially negative transfer of Mandarin on English phonetics aquisition. I conducted acoustic experiment on 39 7th-grade students and analyzed the spectrogram using the software Praat. I studied it on both segmental and suprasegmental phoneme levels how students’ pronunciation of mandarin and Min dialect might affect their English pronunciation, in aspects of vowels, consonants and intonation and pitch. Photo