Educational Game for Early Literacy -Sprinkle

# Independent Game Development, # Natural Language Processing,
# Speech Recognition, # Python Programming

This is an educational game I independently developed, aiming at improving kids’ early literacy, with gamified activities including pronouncing words and sorting sentences.

Learning Pathways- Educational Data Analysis and Visualization

#Data Visualization (Tableau and D3), #Educational Data mining,
#Learning Analytics

This is a educational data visualization project, in which we explored different factors’ contribution to their final learning outcome, and visualized students’ learning pathways in order to give educators evidence-based suggestions.Photo

Intelligent Tutoring System in STEM Area

#Intelligent Tutoring Systems Development, #STEM Education, #Front-end programming

Here are some intelligent tutoring systems that I have built in STEM area, under help of Dr. Aleven and Jonathan in Carnegie Mellon University.