About me

  • I am currently a graduate student in HCI Lab, School of Computer Science in University of Waterloo. I am in Teachable Robot Lab working with Prof. Edith Law and Prof. Elizabeth Nilsen, where I study how kids learn knowledge from interacting with and teaching humanoid robots.
  • I graduated from the School of Computer Sciences in Carnegie Mellon University, where I majored in Educational Technology and Applied Learning Sciences at Human-Computer Interaction Institute.
  • During my time in CMU, I was advised by Prof. Carolyn Rose from Langauge Technology Institute (LTI), Prof. Vincent Aleven from HCII, Prof. Joseph Jay Williams from Computer Science department, University of Toronto. I worked with the amazing Ph.D. students and post-docs in CMU HCII and LTI, including Ken Holstein, Xu Wang, Tomoshiro Nagashima and Shiyan Jiang.
  • I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Beijing Normal University in English language literature, with a focus on language education. I have interned at Knovva Academy as an instructional designer, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press as a Digital Media Editor, and as a English Teacher at one of the top high schools in China, Beijing 101 High School.

    Research Interest

    My research focus on learning science and technology, including AI in education, intelligent tutoring systems (ITS), language technology and educational robots. My goal is to make education easier and more effective.

    I also study the mechanism of crowdsourcing and teachersourcing, to improve the ITS development and design process, increase teachers’ configurability and satisfaction.

News and Travel

[Nov.8th, 2019] I attended the CAN-CWIC (Canadian Women in Computing) conference in Toronto.

[Sep.3rd, 2019] I joined the HCI Lab in University of Waterloo, working with Prof. Edith Law.

[Aug 13, 2019 ] I finished capstone and officially graduated Carnegie Mellon University, HCII. View my [transcript].

[June 2-7,2019] I attended the NAACL-HLT 2019 to present our paper on automatic structural feedback at DISRPT workshop. [Paper][Slides]

[March 28,2019] Our paper “Applying Rhetorical Structure Theory to Student Essays for Providing Automated Writing Feedback” was accepted to NAACL-HLT 2019 DISRPT workshop.